Renewable energy

Power generation using gravity force

Renewable energy, also called reversible energy is a type of energy that the source of this kind of energy, unlike non-renewable (fossil), has the potential to re-created by nature in a short period of time, or in other words renewed.

These types of energies do not have flaws of fossil fuels, such as increasing carbon dioxide concentrations, resulting in rising global warming, climate change and environmental pollution. In addition, their sources of production are endless and unrestricted.

The nature of what places an energy source in the category of alternative energies has changed over time. Today, due to the diversification of energy sources and the various objectives pursued by the supporters of each of these energies, different definitions of the types of energy as alternative energy are presented.

Due to different factors, especially initial cost and high cost and lack of supportive policies, developing these types of energy has faced many problems. But targeted investment coupled with long-term planning can reduce both the cost of energy production and its environmental damage.

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New energy or alternative energy refers to those energies that carbon-free sources are used to generate them, such as solar energy, wind energy, marine energy, geothermal, hydropower plants and neutral carbon, such as biomass.

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