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gravitational energy

this device converts the potential energy generated in objects into a rotating torque and, consequently, converted to centrifugal energy.


is transformed

into a kinetic energy with a central axis and finally, using electric generators, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and electricity.

Gravitation potential energy can be considered

as an independent renewable energy source that can be used to generate power and electricity. To use gravitational energy, a system or device must be designed to allow the continuous conversion of gravitational potential energy into mechanical and electrical energy.

Gravity Alpha Planet device features

This device uses a gravitational force in the form of a power plant in which electrical energy is produced from almost permanent objects.

Renewable energy

Is a type of energy that the source of this kind of energy, has the potential to re-created by nature in a short period of time, or in other words renewed.

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Gravitational force

Gravitational force – the force of attraction between all masses in the universe; especially the attraction of the earth’s mass for bodies near its surface.

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A power of about 7 megawatts can be achieved, which in total, each machine has the ability to produce a power of 14 megawatts.

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Each of the turbines includes a central shaft and each of the 6 arms attached to it and rotate along with central shaft in a vertical circular path around the central shaft.

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Start up

This system requires a booster power to get started. Starting up every 7 megawatt turbine requires 200 kilowatts of energy.


After the initial set-up of the system, the movement and displacement of the arms leads to the creation of a rotation with the help of a gravitational force that continues to propel the driver.

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gravitation energy in different environments

Seriously, Can You Think of Anything Better?

Benefits of the clean electric energy generation technology based on gravity

The first most important feature of this technology is that, it does not require any kind of fuel at any stage of the production. Thus, it does not pollute and damage the environment; rather, it is totally environment-friendly. The second most important feature of this technology is that, it adapts its frequency to the variable frequencies on the electricity transmission network. As the frequency of this technology is variable, it is possible to adapt it to all frequencies on the electricity transmission network.


Efficiency up to 97%


Low maintenance costs


100% environmentally friendly


Performance in any weather conditions


24 hour system monitoring

Building lot

Less land is requiredLess land is required


Network connectivity and no network connection for personal use


The system generates energy all year long
for 24 hours per day.


We are the first in terms of efficienc,  leaving behind all the systems known at the moment!

Incredible features, Gravity and Moving endless combinations that allow everyone to Provides Energy.

Check Out Our Projects

Each tower used in our system is 60 m in length and consists of 3 towers and twin oscillation propellers with 24 m diaphragm.

Project 1-1


Project 1-2


Project 2


Project 3


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